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Listing fee $60.00

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If you need help taking a digital photograph of your art just give us a call. The fee is $45.00 for the first piece of art and $20.00 for each piece of art thereafter. There is no travel fee in Orange County.
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Art Appraisal Service:
Formal art appraisals with certificate $175.00 for the first appraisal and $125.00 for each subsequent art appraisal completed at the same location during the same appointment. There is no travel fee within Orange County. For further information about our art appraisal service visit

Email art valuations are only $75.00 each. We cannot verify or attest to the authenticity, existence, or condition of the art in an email valuation; this is just for the curious who wish to know the value of their art, but do not require a written art appraisal. For further information about email art valuations visit

Orange County Art Broker
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