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Paco G., Mexican (1949 - )

Francisco Javier Garcia Zamora (known as Paco G.) is primarily a self taught artist. However, he was encouraged by his parents, both of whom were artists. His mother, Petra Elena, was a portrait painter; she studied under master painter Ruben Herrera, Mexican (1888 – 1933). His father was an accomplished wood sculptor. Francisco has created several large scale public murals including a Tree of Life mural for the Contreras Clinic in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico.
The art of Francisco Javier Garcia Zamora is or has been exhibited in galleries including but not necessarily limited to the following:
Garcia Zamora Studio, Ensenada, Mexico
Lu Martin Galleries, Laguna Beach, CA
Paco and Maria’s Art Gallery, Rosarito, Mexico
Xcatel Fine Art, National City, CA

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949-689-2047 Paco G artist
949-689-2047 Paco G artist
949-689-2047 Paco G