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This painting was originally owned by Howard Hughes.

Mr. Hughes gave the painting to Dave and Maude Chasen, owners of famed West Hollywood restaurant Chasen's.

The painting hung in Chasen's restaurant from about 1954 until 1996.

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949-689-2047 Howard Hughes estate

949-689-2047 Howard Hughes estate
Close-up of engraved brass identification plate attached to the frame.

Design of the Constellation began in 1939, under the leadership of TWA president Jack Frye
and financier Howard Hughes.
This painting was created to commemorate the first flight of the Constellation, July 14, 1951.

This painting is from the estate of Howard Hughes
Artist: Cléanthe Kimball Carr, American (1911 - 2001)
Lockheed Constellation
oil on canvas
art 28" x 37" | frame 35.5" x 45"
appraised value $66,500.00
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