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Andy Lakey
949-689-2047 Andy Lakey angel painting
The Cosmos
limited edition
offset lithograph on paper
with silver foil stamping
Andy Lakey angel art 949-689-2047
Andy Heart
mixed media on canvas
949-689-2047 Andy Lakey heart painting
Heart of the Heat
mixed media on canvas
Andy Lakey was born in 1959, in Châteaurous, France. He died in 2012, in Temecula, California. His given name was Andrew Markivich. The Markivich family immigrated to the United States in 1961. Andy Lakey was a self-taught prolific artist who created a vast body of work including paintings, lithographs, custom jewelry, and books.

On New Year’s Eve 1986, Andy Lakey had a near-death experience, in which he reported an encounter with angels. Upon his recovery he began painting images of angels. His highly textured angel paintings were created specifically for the blind as one can touch them and feel the outline of the angels. Regarding this aspect of his art, he was featured on ABC News; CNN News; FOX News; Good Morning America; Hard Copy; Inside Edition; Oprah; and The Today Show.

Andy Lakey has been the subject of the following books, videos, and documentaries:
Andy Lakey Art, Angels, and Miracles, Written by Andy Lakey and Paul Robert Walker, Published in 1996 by Turner Publishing
Andy Lakey’s Psychomanteum - Spiritual Journeys…, Written by Keith Richardson, Published in 1998 by Ventura Press
Angelic Lightwork: Magic & Manifestation with the Angels, Written by Alana Fairchild, Published in 2007 by Stepworks/Lightworks
Doorways to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey, Written by Keith Richardson, Published in 2010 by Outskirts Press
Hearing the Angels Sing, Written by Peter Sterling, Published in 2012 by Light Technology Publishing
American Angels: Useful Spirits in the Material World, Written by Peter Gardella, Published in 2007 by University Press of Kansas
Angel Magic 108, 108 essays written by Andy Lakey, Published in 2007 by Day for Night Creative Studio
Unencountered, Written by Andy Lakey, Published in 2007 by Day for Night Creative Studio
Where Angeles Tread: Real Stories of Miracles…, Written by Leslie Rule, Published in 2011 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Andy Lakey Silhouettes & Shadows, DVD
Our Paintings: Angel of Hope BBC documentary

Book stores and online book dealers that have offered Andy Lakey books:
Abe Books, Victoria, BC, Canada Better World Books West, Reno, NV
Book Vase Books, Interlochen, MI Books From California, Simi Valley, CA
Explorer’s Market, Novi, MI Internet Sales Co., Denver, CO
Jensen Books, Logan, UT Lighthouse Books, Dade City, FL
Manyhills Books, Traralgon, VIC, Australia Mr. Pickwicks Books, Katoomba, NSW, Australia
Myers Antiques and Collectibles, Newburg, PA Neurotica Books, Los Angeles, CA
Old Estuary Vintage, Eagle Creek, OR On Time Books, Orem, UT
Rare Book Cellar, Pomona, NY Simpson and Sons Books, Hillbank, SA, Australia
Sunrise Reseller, Mill Park, VIC, Australia Thrift Books, Aurora, IL
Wilson and Montgomery, Avondale, NSW, Australia World of Books, Montgomery, IL

The art of Andy Lakey is or has been in the collections of President Jimmy Carter, President Gerald Ford, President Ronald
Reagan, HRH Princess Margaret, Prince Albert of Monaco, Pope John Paul II, and King Hussein of Jordan.

Andy Lakey’s art is or has been exhibited and/or sold in museums, galleries, auction houses, universities, and by independent art dealers including but not necessarily limited to the following:
Bayside Church, Granite Bay, CA Berner's Auction Gallery, Donnelsville, OH
Blind Children's Center, Los Angeles, CA Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
California Auctioneers, Ventura, CA ContemporaryVisualArts.com
CVA Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA DeviantArt.com
Dyansen Gallery, Boston, MA Dyansen Gallery, Carmel, CA
Dyansen Gallery, New Orleans, LA Dyansen Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA Gallery 28 at Seabridge, Oxnard, CA
Gallery G, Tokyo, Japan Great Frame Up, Irvine, CA
Heaven's Gallery, Ventura, CA Joe Gross Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Merrill Chase Galleries, Chicago, IL Riverside Museum of Art, Riverside, CA
Southwestern University, El Paso, TX Star Collector, Lake Forest, CA
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA Weschler's Auction House, Washington DC

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