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Shahrooz Nia, Iranian (1965 - )

Shahrooz Nia earned a Master’s Degree in Art from the University of London in London, England.
Before setting upon a career as an artist using clear and colored acrylic as his medium, Shahrooz Nia worked as a professional magician performing illusionist magic shows in Europe and in the US. In the course of creating acrylic props for his magic show, Shahrooz Nia discovered that he could bend, twist, color and sculpt the acrylic into almost any desired shape.
In 1992 he founded Shahrooz Acrylic Furniture & Sculptures.
The sculptures and furniture pieces are designed by Shahrooz Nia and cast and hand crafted by various artisans. Therefore, although the designs are repeated, they are classified as multiple originals; no two pieces are exactly alike.
Shahrooz acrylics have been featured in art and design magazines including but not necessarily limited to the following:
Architectural Digest; Home Furnishings Business; Florida Design; Furniture Today; Gulf & Main; In Furniture; Luxe Interiors + Design; Luxury Living; Miami Home & Decor; On Design; Robb Report; Safavieh Style; and Veranda.
The acrylic art of Shahrooz Nia was exhibited in a three-day event at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

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