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Seikichi Takara, Japanese Hawaiian (1929 – )

Seikichi Takara is a recipient of the Legacy Award from The Hawaii United Okinawa Association. His painting titled Lunar Seed was published as a commemorative poster for the Smithsonian Institute Air and Space Museum 1983 Bicentennial Celebration. The art of Seikichi Takara is or has been exhibited in galleries and other public venues including but not necessarily limited to the following:
Collection Shop, Miami, FL
Fleishman Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
Gallery Brown, Los Angeles, CA
Gallery Direct, Paxtonia, PA
Hawaii Okinawa Center, Waipahu, HI
Herndon Fine Art, Monument, CO
Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, HI
Japanese Cultural Center, Waipahu, HI
Martin Lawrence Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
Martin Lawrence Gallery, Dallas, TX
Martin Lawrence Gallery, La Jolla, CA
Martin Lawrence Gallery, Lahaina, Maui, HI
Martin Lawrence Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
Martin Lawrence Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Martin Lawrence Gallery, New York, NY
Martin Lawrence Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Martin Lawrence Gallery, Schaumburg, IL
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC

Seikichi Takara art 949-715-0308 seikichi takara art 949-715-0308 Seikichi Takara art 949-715-0308 Seikichi Takara art 949-715-0308