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antique chinse vase 949-715-0308
bronze sculpture 949-715-0308
art nouveau lamp 949-715-0308
Qing Dynasty
Dragon and Phoenix Vase

Pierre Le Faguays
bronze sculpture

art nouveau
bronze lamp

Loetz vases 949-715-0308
antique jade censer 949-715-0308
art nouveau vase 949-715-0308
pair of Loetz vases
Phanomen pattern
antique jade censer
art nouveau
silver overlay vase
Francesco Righetti Colossus 949-715-0308
Bruce Gray Spike Lee 949-715-0308
Francesco Righetti
the Elder
Italian (1749 –1819)
Colossus of the Nile
cast bronze
Antique Monkey
Calling Card Receiver
carved fruitwood
Italian, late 19th c.

Bruce Gray
Spike Lee #2
railroad spikes