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Lillian Winkler, Croatian born American (1950 - )

Lillian Winkler was born in Croatia. In 1952, her family emigrated to the United States settling in Chicago, Illinois. She studied at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Ray College of Design in Chicago, and at the California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks, CA. Her professional memberships include Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains; California Art Club; Oil Painters of America; and the Salmagundi Art Club.
The art of Lillian Winkler is or has been exhibited in galleries and other venues including but not necessarily limited to the following:
Admirals Club, John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, CA
Altadena Town & Country Club, Altadena, CA
Art Affair in the Garden, Beverly Hills, CA
Art Expo, Las Vegas, NV
Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA
Art Expo, New York City, NY
Art-A-Fair, Laguna Beach, CA
BG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Breckenridge Fine Art Center, Breckenridge , TX
City Hall, Laguna Beach, CA
Festival of the Arts, Laguna Beach, CA
Hotel Nikko, Beverly Hills, CA
Joseph Wise Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
Le Meridian, Beverly Hills, CA
Pollock Fine Art, Santa Barbara, CA
Randy Higbee Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
Scotch Mist Gallery, Tucson, AZ
St John’s Art Wall, Santa Monica, CA
Studio 2135, Laguna Beach, CA
Talon Group, Scottsdale, AZ
Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR
Watkins Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

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Lillian Winkler art 949-715-0308
mixed media on canvas