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Herman Amlauer, Russian born American (1886 - 1964)

Herman Amlauer was born in Russia in 1886. In 1890, the Amlauers immigrated to the United States. The family settled in the Bronx in New York. In 1915, Herman moved to California and established his home and art studio in the old Normandy Village in Los Angeles. In the early 20th century he toured the United States creating portraits of beautiful women which were later exhibited in Paris. In 1930, Theatre Magazine featured Herman Amlauer’s portraits of actors Ronald Coleman, Conrad Nagel, Irene Rich, and Henry Walthall. In 1941, Herman became an American citizen. He died in Los Angeles in 1964. Herman Amlauer is listed in the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, and also in Edan Hughes’ reference book titled Artists in California, 1786-1940. The art of Herman Amlauer is or has been exhibited in galleries and other venues including but not necessarily limited to the following:
Assistance League, Los Angeles, CA
Ebell Club, Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Maryland, Los Angeles, CA
International Exhibition of Decorative Arts, Paris, France
NY Elizabeth Auction, Beverly Hills, CA
Temple Bnai B'rith, Los Angeles, CA

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Herman Amlauer artist 949-715-0308
Herman Amlauer artist 949-715-0308